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Website Prices & Options

All web sites require 3 ingredients to Go Live:

1) Must register your Domain Name,
2) Secure annual Server Space (Hosting) to store your website and allow internet browsers to display your website,
3) Designed pictures and coded files that work together to be your Website.

The price of a website is based on the required 3rd party price of reliable domain name and hosting services, plus the amount of average time required to complete the design requirements. Basic Website Packages (1 year domain & hosting, plus 1-time design fee for website) start at $399.99. When buying a car, the price goes up as special features are added. The same is true for websites. While the price goes up when special features are added, the overall end price is not excessive, and is always worth the benefits of having the special features

We at© have many years of experience working with clients to understand their design ideas and website requirements and always present a QUOTE for the job before work begins. We stick to our quotes, never send surprise bills, and have remained in business for always treating our clients with fairness and respect.

We have several different web site packages for you to choose from, plus several additional features that can be added to each package. Please see below for descriptions, prices and options:

Web site Packages: Prices: Emails Pages
Basic Web Site Design
Includes 1st year Domain name & Hosting
$399.99 1 4
Online Store $1,199.99 4 -
Web Site Updates $29.99 / Hr. - -
Web Site Features:
• Domain name and site server space $95/yearly - (included first year with all web site packages)
• Search Engine Friendly Programming to assist with Rankings.
Optional Features

All of our web site packages come with an option to add additional custom features to the site design. Most of these features vary in price (which will be added to the price of the web site package you have selected), depending on the complexity of the feature you wish to add. But price is always small in comparison to the benefits reaped from having the feature(s). See below for available features:

Feature Price
Animation varies
Banner & Text Ads varies
Bookmark Icon $9.99
Chat Room varies
Custom Error Pages $19.99
Email - Add Account $4.99
Email Auto Response $8.99
Email Forward $4.99
Hits Counter $9.99
Image Gallery varies
Links - Custom varies
Newsletters varies
Online Contact Form $24.99
On-site Set Up varies
Photos / Pictures / Images varies
Search Engine Reports varies
Search Engine Submittal varies
Site Recommendation $9.99
Web Page - Additional Page(s) varies