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What is This?

Without training in programming, graphic arts, and web design, it is impossible for anyone to know or fully understand many of the options available for web sites. Besides, according to Mr. Albert Einstein, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." With this in mind, we at Einstein Design have provided a "features dictionary" to explain this internet "Greek" in easy to understand terms.

Certainly, no one is required to learn nor memorize these terms (whew!) to be able to have their own web site. This list of terms has only been provided to let you know the various options available for your site, and to assist incase you have any questions regarding the meaning of these terms.

Click on any of the following terms to learn more:

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~ Animation ~ E-Cards ~ Online Marketing
~ Bookmark Icon ~ E-Commerce ~ On site Set Up
~ Browser ~ Email & Email Options ~ Search Engines
~ Chat Room ~ Hits Counter ~ Server Space
~ Contact Form ~ Images / Pictures & Logos ~ Web site Host / Server Space
~ CSS (Cascasing Style Sheets) ~ Image Gallery ~ Web Page
~ Custom Error Pages ~ Links & Link Options
~ Domain Name ~ Logo

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