What good is a web site if no one knows you have a web site? Online marketing are forms of advertising intended to 1) tell people about your web site, and 2) get them to visit your site. Marketing can be achieved via several different (or a combination of) online advertising tools. See below for a list and description of these tools:

  • Banner & Text Ads:
    • Banners - Attract visitors to your site and keep them coming back with your own person Banner Ads. Your banners display across a network of more than 250,000 high-traffic web sites such as Yahoo, Excite, AOL, CompuServe, Netscape, AT&T Worldnet, & others. Banner Packages begin at 500 impressions per month (an impression is one banner shown on one site). As an added feature, you can also select the city and state in which you wish your banners to be shown! Some Templates are available.
    • Text Ad - Text Ads, like banner ads, are excellent for branding, and for generating traffic to your site. Click here to see a sample text ad.
    • GeoTargeting - GeoTargeting allows you to control exactly where your Text or Banners ads are being shown. So if you just sell in your local or regional market, your ads can be targeted to be displayed for internet browser within specific area codes or markets.

  • Newsletters - Keep in touch with your clients/customers via your own personal newsletter! To handle newsletter subscriptions you can gather valuable information using questions as part of your subscription form. You can select from a set of typical questions that we provide or you can define your own questions based on your specific needs. Newsletter packages include up to 100 newsletter emails sent per month.
  • Search Engine Report - Once your site is submitted to the search engine, a report is available to let you see how your site is doing. This allows you to "Check Existence" - check several major search engines to see whether your site is in their indexes. And if it is, you can "Check Position" to see where your site ranks on specific keywords.  "Check Popularity" allows checking a search engine for links to a particular URL. *Also see Search Engine Submittal.
  • Site Recommendation - Allow your visitors to enter their contact information and recommend your site to as many recipients as you specify (only one required). You can choose to be notified when your site has been recommended...notification will show recipient(s) AND the message. Email addresses are hidden so they will not be harvested by spammers. *Click here to see an example of Einstein Web Design's Site Recommend page.
  • Alerts - With the Alerts feature, you can keep track of your Web site 24/7. We can send a text message to your cell phone or text pager whenever your Web site is down. In addition, you can be sent other information regarding your Web site such as when your newsletters are sent out, whether you've been getting more hits recently, etc.  *Also see Search Engine Submittal.
  • Also see Ecards and Chat Rooms.

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