Web site Host / Server Space

A site host is a company that stores your site pages and images on an internet server and allows internet users to access your web site at any time....they simply type in the domain name that you selected and then your page will appear on their screen.

Finding a web site host is no problem and many companies even offer free hosting. These "free hosts" simply fail to mention critical issues involved in web site hosting. The free (or extra low budget) hosts plaster your site with ads and pop-up windows that will drive your site visitors away. And the servers are slow, which force your visitors to sit and wait while attempting to visit your site. In light of these issues, we at Einstein Web Design stay away from free and low budget web site hosts. We at Einstein Web Design have found affordable and proven reliable web site hosts to store both our web site and the sites we design for our clients.

There are two different "types" of web site hosts: static host and dynamic host. A static host is the cheaper of the two and it can handle all "basic" web sites. A dynamic host is more expensive, but it is required for web sites that have features such as E-commerce, individual site search engine, and other more features that require more advanced programming.

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