Chat Room

A chat room allows you to provide live chat on your web site! With this, your web site visitors can register and begin chatting with other visitors to your web site. While a chat room may not suit the needs/goals of certain businesses, it is ideal for hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts, genealogy and various other types of web sites.

What exactly IS a chat room? It's similar to email (text sent from one specific internet connection to another special internet connection), but a chat room allows you to see what you've typed, what the person you're chatting with has typed, when they are in the middle of typing a message, and other features that allow instant communication between 2 or more individual parties whom are presently visiting your web site.

Want a sample of how a chat room looks and behaves? Just go to Yahoo Chat (, pick a chat category that interests you (you'll need to create a quick yahoo account if you do not already have one) and then you'll find all sorts of people from around the world who are currently discussing all sorts of related topics that fall within the category you selected.

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