How We Design ~ Step 4: The "Nitty-gritty"

In the last step, we combine all the information gleamed from Steps #1-#3 (marketing strategies, E-commerce, and visual layout) and come up with the final and complete web site design plan . Our design team registers the clients domain name, activates the clients host account, codes the pages and implements any other elements necessary to make the clients web site functional. We test all components of the site and then submit the site in beta (or test) format for the client to view and approve. If any additions or adaptations are necessary, they are made at this point. The site is then re-tested and re-submitted for the clients final approval. Next, the site is uploaded to our server with a final test of all the sites functions. Finally, when we are sure the test site is in perfect order and the client is satisfied, Violá! Your web site is ready for the world to see!

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