Custom Graphic & Web Site Design

This year, give a Christmas gift that keeps on giving! Surprise your friends and loved one with a personal web site, a web sites for their small business, or even a family web site. Each site includes your own domain name and site hosting service for one full year. Renewal after the first year is only $50 per year for each additional year, which can be renewed after the first year has passed.

Einstein Web Design provides a wide range of internet services for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Our services include, but are not limited to, corporate logo design, web site design, ecommerce (store) web sites, web site updates, database programming, and search optimization to ensure high rankings on search engines.

This auction includes:

  • 1 year domain registration (such as
  • 1 year site hosting (stores your website on the internet, allowing the site to be viewed online)
    Hosting service has 99.9% uptime guarantee, no forced advertisements, and no additional nor hidden fees.

    *Renewal for domain name and site hosting after the first year is only $50 per additional year.

  • 5 page website - We will create a site containing up to 5 individual pages (Home Page, Contacts Page, and up to 3 additional pages of your choice).
  • What else is included with the 5-page site?
    • Up to 2 different email accounts (such as and
    • Will include your company logo on the site (if you have a logo).
    • Will add up to 10 photos (provided by you).
    • Includes unlimited text (provided by you).
    • Search Engine Optimization and Submission - We create sites that download quickly and that are properly coded for effective search engine submission. Everything on the internet provides us with instant gratification....except search engine submission. For some odd reason, it takes 6 to 15 WEEKS from the time your site is submitted before a link to your site begins to appear in search engine results. This shamefully slow process must be endured by everyone who has a web site, but once the waiting is over, your site is "in there" until you decide to pull the plug on the site.
  • What will the site look like, and more importantly, will I like it?
    • To make sure you like the way your site will look, we let you pick the design! Simple go to, select the template of your choice (price $40 or less), and that will be the design we use to create your site.
    • If you like one of the templated that are priced over $40, we can use the higer priced template if you agree to pay the additional cost (any amount over $40).
  • How long will it take to finish the site?
    • The site will be finished within one week of the day we receive all images, text, logos, etc., that you want added to your site. If you have none of the above to add to the site, it will be finished within one week of the day payment is received and confirmed.
  • I have more questions, what do I do?

    See our Gallery of Web Designs and Graphic Below (Flash player Required):

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