Low Cost Advertising

Development and distribution costs are extremely low. When you compare the cost of establishing a web site to what it costs to promote your business in print or on the air, you'll see that a web site is the cheapest form of marketing ever created. A radio campaign featuring several 30-second spots per week for three months could run you $5,000 - $10,000. That gets you five minutes per week of exposure for three months in the local area only. Newspaper and magazine ads are similarly highly priced, and only last for the life span of that particular publication. A web site has virtually limitless space. You could put up a web site with dozens of photographs and several thousand words for under $3,000 for the first year, and keep it up and running for a few hundred dollars per year after that. What would it cost to run a newspaper ad of this size for a year? Imagine how much it would cost to produce a catalog for 200 different products and keep it in consumers' hands for an entire year. You can accomplish this with a web site very easily with low development cost and almost no distribution cost. Web sites are in full color - a palette of 16.7 million colors for your photographs alone.

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